Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Sample NGO Constitution (Bye-Laws)

Are you in the process of establishing an NGO and planning to register it under The Voluntary Social Welfare (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961 and Rules, 1962? The following post is render help by linking you to a sample of an NGO constitution, texts of the Ordinance and the Rules, presentation on 'Legal Framework for Operating NGOs in Pakistan' and other valuable resources on 'NGO Management'.  

Creating a constitution for your NGO is a legal requirement. [Check out these slides on 'Legal Framework for Operating NGOs in Pakistan' by a friend of mine, Mr. Saifullah Khan. He has been teaching 'NGO Management' has got lots of his stuff uploaded to his website, check it all out HERE

The constitution is also known by the names of 'Bye-Laws', 'Statutes', and 'Articles of Association' etc. A constitution establishes the fundamental framework for your NGO, and determines its basic structure, functioning, and direction.

The following sample is adopted from approved versions of at least two working NGOs (my contribution is only formatting and a little bit of rearrangement). I am uploading it just to help my continuously demanding acquaintances to start with something. I do understand that it can be improved a lot, and I have plans to come up with my own version (with explanations  and guidelines for novice) based on it, but it will take some time to develop.

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  1. Thank you Mr Uzair to share this bylaw for any NGO in Pakistan ,its a great contribution to the people who wanted to contribute to the nation through NGO. Thank you